Several years ago we were driving for a wedding in Bagenalstown, Co Carlow. It turned out that former Taoiseach was a guest and arrived in his chauffeur driven car. He was pointed out to me but I was too young to remember when he was in power. He went on in with the rest of the guests leaving his chauffeur/ bodyguard with the car.

What happens next is why I remember this day so well. The chauffeur goes to the shop shortly after the brie goes in and when he comes back the car won’t open. The battery had dies in the fob. He was in a bit of a panic so he approached us to see if we could help. I suggested that he remove the key section from the fob and open the door manually and showed him how to release the key. He went off happy until he tried the lock. It had never been used and the locks on the 2 doors wouldn’t take the key.

More panic as the ceremony was progressing along and we knew that the people would be coming out in the very near future. We forced open the fob, examined the battery and then Liam Cosgrave’s chauffeur done a very quick run around the shops until he found a matching battery. We saw him literally put the fob together and click open the car as Liam Cosgrave approached from the church. The chauffeur calmly opened the door and Liam Cosgrave climbed in. Then off they went to the hotel.

Whenever Liam Cosgrave has been mentioned since, that is what I think of. It always puts a smile on my face.

A Memory of Liam Cosgrave

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