This is really the one service that you cannot do without. I have seen couples getting family members to do their wedding photography. You will always have somebody who “ thinks”  they are good with a camera – and they very well may be! – but wedding photography is completely different than anything they will have done.

With professional modelling photography you are dealing with models who are happy to pose, smile or pout as required. When dealing with a wedding party, many of them including the bride and groom normally find the wedding photography annoying, and an inconvenience to them enjoying their day. This means, that in order to be able to do their job properly, the wedding photographer has to be able to get a wedding party to pose, smile and move on to the next shot through a mixture of jokes, cajoling and generally shouting, all while keeping the main shots they have to take in their head, and to look out for as many unique, engaging photo opportunities as possible.

Hiring Wedding Photography

This is why I say to you – Forget about the video or the car if you have to, hiring wedding photography is a must! A good photographer will bring those memories flooding back in years to come.





What about a bad wedding photographer I hear you ask?

You will always have people willing to chance their hand at something like this. They see a nice lump of cash without realising the skill that is needed to provide a good service. My advice would be to ask to look at previous work and see if their style appeals to you – if they haven’t got any, are you going to let them experiment with your wedding?


Hiring Wedding Photography Packages

Next, what are you getting for your money?  Some photographers offer reasonably cheap packages where they take the photos on the day and hand you a disc of unedited photos – others take out the bad ones – others will edit all the wedding photos before giving you the disc. Odyssey Wedding Photography edit all your wedding photos. They give you 3 album DVDs, set to music, with a Master Disc of all your wedding photos. The chance of finding a better value quality wedding photography package is highly unlikely.


If interested in hiring wedding photography then call Odyssey Wedding Photography on 086 055 2660

Hiring Wedding Photography

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