Firstly, Congratulations! It’s a big step you are taking, probably the most important day of your life though I am sure they will be others that wedding ringscome close. Anyway you want to know a few hints to make things easier planning for the big day. Now most of my hints will be about saving money WITHOUT cutting corners as I know most brides decide early on that they are going to spend whatever it takes in order to make it the best day possible. This Helpful Hint post is about the rings as an engagement ring is normally the first step towards the wedding.

The rings – Get engaged when there is a jewellry sale on.$ 1,000 , €2,000 even €3,000 is common enough for an engagement ring. If you get engaged at a time when you can save 50% , that will pay for your wedding rings!! and maybe a bit more too. Why would you spend more money  for the ring you want when you don’t have to? There is nearly always a sale somewhere, you just have to look!

Staying on the rings, speaking from experience – make sure the rings FIT. My wife and I got our rings made to our own design as there was little difference in the price, and we had saved a lot buying the engagement ring. ( See my point above 🙂 ).I brought my wedding ring back 3 times before the wedding to get it resized and still ended up having to use vaseline on my finger on the day to ensure that it would go on during the ceremony. My wife had to bring it to another jeweller to get it right.


Get a nice inscription on the inside of your wedding rings. Every time you put it on and see the inscription it will make you smile!

Helpful Wedding Hints – Wedding Rings

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